jumping to conclusions

I came across a report in The Age on 24.07.10, about how African-American public servant, Shirley Sherrod, was sacked from her job over what turned out to be a spliced together video of a speech she’d made, implying that she was a racist. The  video was cut & pasted together by the ultra-conservative Tea Party blogger, Andrew Breitbart, who made it appear that Shirley Sherrod was racist towards whites. The worst thing is that her employer took the video at face value and didn’t take into account Shirley’s side of the story or bother to watch the entire footage of her speech before sacking her.  For an interesting analysis of the saga you could have a look at Richard Kim’s blog “Race Lies & Videotape” on The Nation website.

Thanks to Sarah and Enqi for the tips…now I can provide some more information about the Shirley Sherrod incident. Check out Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government website and the video he edited together here. He doesn’t appear remorseful even though he’s been exposed as manufacturing a slur. And here is the link to Richard Kim’s piece in The Nation. And if you want to see the full length video from which Shirley’s comments were taken out of context it has been posted by NAACP here.


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    Here’s how to create a link. Highlight the text you want to turn into a link. For example, in your post, you should link to the original Big Government edited video, so highlight the text “spliced together video” – you’ll turn this into a link to that video.
    Next, you need the URL of the page you want to link to, in this case the Big Government article containing the video you’re referring to. An easy way to get this is to visit that page, then cut and paste the URL from there. So highlight the address, and copy it.
    Now return to your WordPress blog draft, where you’ve highlighted the text “sliced together video”. Now hit the “Create Link” button in your formatting palette (which is directly above the box where you write your blog post. This will bring up a popup box. The field which is highlighted in the popup box is where the URL goes. Cut and paste it from the website you’re linking to. In this case, paste in the following URL: http://biggovernment.com/abreitbart/2010/07/19/video-proof-the-naacp-awards-racism2010/

    So far you have about half a blog post – to finish it, you need to add relevant links. For example, check The Age website to see if they published that article online – as a reference to the print edition isn’t helpful to a web reader. Make sure you post a link to original Big Government edited video which started the whole scandal. Then include a link to the “Race Lies & Videotape” article on The Nation website, and you’re done!


  2. Enqi Weng says:

    Hey Tanya

    You could view your post in HTML format, and from there, you can highlight your text and hyperlink. There is a hyperlink icon so click on that and you can fill in the URL from there. Hope that helps!

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