Zombie Thrills

What possesses someone- a fully grown adult person, of the middle years, to dress up as a zombie and join with 127 other zombies and dance to Thriller in a darkened park at 10 on a Saturday night in Melbourne? No, I’m asking you- I haven’t got a clue. I don’t know why I did it. But it was a fabulous night and the feeling I got from it was a great sense of doing something that is bigger than yourself- not that I want to put a noble spin on it, there’s just something about joining in with a group, of mostly strangers, for a synchronised activity, that felt amazing. My brain synapses are slowly connecting. As a non-sports person, I’m guessing that this is what people get out of playing team sports or watching their team compete. (Can you hear the clunking in my brain as something hitherto impermeable suddenly makes sense?)

There is also something really special about dancing. At the go-go classes I attend, the youngest participant is a tiny girl who’s about 18 months old at most. The minute the music comes on she starts moving in time with it- something you’ve probably noticed any small child doing, without any prompting. We all have rhythm and can all dance – until we become conscious of the fact- which generally coincides with the onset of adolescence-  and then most of us make do with the side to side shuffle, or require copious amounts of alcohol etc. to embolden us to get up and dance around the handbags.

If you think you can’t dance, but would like to, there are classes, most of which take into account that you may be completely unco:

Anna’s Go-go Academy– do the swim, the monkey & the mashed potato

Glamour Puss Studios– specialises in tap for adults

Dance Cats– for same sex ballroom and Latin

Belly dance– you know you want to!

Swing– rock & roll, Lindy Hop & Jitterbug

Bollywood– squeeze a lemon and change a light globe- you’re doing it!

Nightclub dancing, including hip hop

Zumba– Latin dance inspired fitness classes

my life as a zombie

Thrill the World is an annual event which raises money for charities. The Melbourne event raised money for Lifeline.

P.S. Stephaniii’s Blog covered the event here. Youtube video filmed by Matt:


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