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Consider three worlds, which meet around an island: the first world is the Underwater realm where everything is liquid and tidal, where place is defined by being shallow or deep; the second world is the Earth, where inhabitants breath air, … Continue reading

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Boy. Oh boy.

Boy is the 2010 film by writer/director Taika Waititi. Set in 1984, in rural New Zealand, it centres around the fantasy life of Boy, (James Rolleston), an eleven year old who lives with his six year old brother and various … Continue reading

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Adventure Island

Our flights to return to the mainland have been cancelled again and it’s starting to feel like Groundhog Day: We get up at 6.30 am and race our bikes to Ned’s Beach, for one last look at the sunrise over the ocean, feed the fish the last of our bread, before returning our bikes to Wilson’s bike hire, getting picked up and taken to the airport. Continue reading

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I am love (well, not me personally)

This film is a slow tango that slowly builds to its dramatic conclusion. It centres on the machinations of a wealthy Milanese family who own a textile business. On the surface they are a loving and close-knit family but as … Continue reading

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Panama Dreaming

My first visit to the Panama Dining Room about two years ago left me with the impression of great atmosphere and uneven food. Everyone else loved their meals, but my vegetarian papardelle was dry and salty. I could have sent … Continue reading

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Zombie Thrills

What possesses someone- a fully grown adult person, of the middle years, to dress up as a zombie and join with 127 other zombies and dance to Thriller in a darkened park at 10 on a Saturday night in Melbourne? … Continue reading

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Vacuuming Sucks

There’s nothing like vacuuming to make me angry, so I tend to put it off until the dust bunnies are rolling around like tumbleweeds and it becomes embarrassing to have people over. In fact, normally the only time I vacuum … Continue reading

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