a melbourne spring

Traces of spring

Spring time in Melbourne is a confusing time. Of all our changeable seasons, spring is probably the most capricious, a time when it can be sunny and rainy simultaneously and when it is advisable not to leave home without sunglasses, sunscreen, cardigan and umbrella and maybe a scarf too. Promisingly sunny skies can turn in an instant to grey, with icy winds and wet-streaked streets.

However, after a long cool winter, any slight raising of the temperature brings people, other than smokers, out into street cafes, parks and gardens. White limbs are exposed to scraps of sun in subconscious attempts to increase vitamin D and raise melatonin levels.

Indigenous Australians recognise around six seasons and so it’s no wonder our weather doesn’t fit neatly into the European system of classification. I wonder sometimes how confusing it must be for European plants to know when to blossom and when to lose their leaves.

Planter box (made by Salvation Army's Creative Opportunities)

Anyway, in the spirit of spring, I have planted a whole lot of seedlings in my new planter box. I’m very excited about this box, as it makes it much easier to work in the garden, being at waist height. Also, I only have a paved courtyard & so everything must be in pots, which although it’s good from a weed point of view, they dry out so quickly.

I used to think that gardening was totally boring – that is, until I tried it. There is something very special about getting your hands in the soil and participating in the growing of your food. I suppose there’s not so many opportunities to connect with nature in the inner city and, like staring into a starry starry night, it puts your life into perspective- a mote in the universe- and yet inextricably connected.

"mysterie l'horizon" with apologies to Magritte


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Tanya, MA Art Curatorship, Melbourne Uni
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2 Responses to a melbourne spring

  1. Stephanie says:

    Interesting link about the six seasons; good to know we’re in ‘Tadpole Season’!

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